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Matching Nested Constructs in JavaScript, Part 2

When I posted my matchRecursive function the other day (which allows easily matching nested constructs), I noted that it could easily be modified to work with a regex pattern rather than a string as the format argument. After looking at it again, I realized the conversion wouldn't be entirely straightforward, so I've gone ahead and […]

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ECMAScript 3 Regular Expressions are Defective by Design

ECMAScript 3 has some major regex design flaws, and if nothing changes the ES4 group will be propagating some of the mistakes into ECMAScript 4 (aka JavaScript 2). Recently, longtime JavaScript regex guru David "liorean" Andersson wrote up a couple posts about my biggest gripes with the ECMAScript 3 regex flavor, namely the way that […]

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JavaScript String Multiplication Performance Exploration

Since JavaScript concatenates strings with the + operator, it would be nifty if it would also let you multiply strings using e.g. str * 10 (as can be done in Python, at least). Since you can't do that, and no native string multiplication method is provided, I recently explored a few ways to pull it […]

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Matching Nested Constructs in JavaScript

In the past, I've touched on using regexes to match nested constructs up to a predetermined depth, which is the best you can do unless you're using one of the three regex engines (Perl, PCRE, and .NET) which are currently able to handle true recursion. Well, recently I wanted to be able to support unlimited […]

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Date Format 1.1

I've just updated my ColdFusion-inspired JavaScript Date Format script to version 1.0 1.1, and updated the documentation in the old post along with it. The new release includes "Z" (US timezone abbreviation) and "o" (UTC offset) flags as well as brevity enhancements from Scott Trenda, along with several other new features including a standalone dateFormat […]

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