Flagrant Badassery

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I'm Steven Levithan, a web development all-rounder with an unhealthy love of regular expressions and JavaScript, which are the main topics of this blog. I also have extensive experience with ColdFusion, Flex, CSS, HTML, and Photoshop (among others), but those topics don't come up very often here. I grew up primarily in Japan, Ethiopia, and Russia, and I've worked in Tokyo, Baghdad, Washington DC, and Silicon Valley.

If programming books are your thing, you might be interested in Regular Expressions Cookbook, which I coauthored with Jan Goyvaerts. I also wrote the Strings and Regular Expressions chapter for High Performance JavaScript.

I've released several open source JavaScript projects including XRegExp and RegexPal, which are kind of nifty.

You can reach me at steves_list <@> hotmail.com, tweet me @slevithan, or follow me on GitHub. My bio on oreilly.com has a few more details.