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Code Challenge: Change Dispenser

I recently encountered a brain teaser that asked to take an amount of change and return the equivalent in dollars and coins. Here's the five-minute solution I first came up with. function makeChange (money) { var i, num, output = [], coins = [ [100, "dollar", "dollars" ], [25, "quarter", "quarters"], [10, "dime", "dimes" ], […]

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Regex Day Contest

A few months ago Ben Nadel (a regex fan and prominent ColdFusion blogger) asked me if I was interested in promoting his idea for a "National Regular Expression Day," where he'd give away some shirts and books and basically just have some fun with regex evangelism. Well, Ben finally kicked if off, assigning the honor […]

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JavaScript Roman Numeral Converter

While looking for something quick to do during a brief internet outage, I wrote some code to convert to and from Roman numerals. Once things were back up I searched for equivalent code, but only found stuff that was multiple pages long, limited the range of what it could convert, or both. I figured I […]

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JavaScript String Multiplication Performance Exploration

Since JavaScript concatenates strings with the + operator, it would be nifty if it would also let you multiply strings using e.g. str * 10 (as can be done in Python, at least). Since you can't do that, and no native string multiplication method is provided, I recently explored a few ways to pull it […]

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