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Happy Valentine’s Day

Some Valentine's-Day-themed geekery from around the intertubes… A Halo Valentine from II HYPNOTiiQ II and Xbox.com ↓ A hexadecimal / Zero Wing / Valentine / shirtmashup from ThinkGeek → ← The Rosette Nebula, Astronomy Picture of the Day for February 14, 2008, from Nasa.gov. The Rosette Nebula (aka NGC 2237) is not the only cosmic […]

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10 Reasons to Learn and Use Regular Expressions

10. Regular expressions are everywhere Here's a short list of programming languages and tools that support regular expressions. The links are to their regex documentation. The .NET Framework ActionScript ColdFusion Java JavaScript Perl PHP Python Ruby Tcl Apache HTTP Server Google Analytics Google Code Search Yahoo! Pipes Microsoft Exchange Server Windows PowerShell OpenOffice.org Oracle Database […]

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