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parseUri 1.2: Split URLs in JavaScript

I've just updated parseUri. If you haven't seen the older version, parseUri is a function which splits any well-formed URI into its parts, all of which are optional. Its combination of accuracy, flexibility, and brevity is unrivaled.


  • Comprehensively splits URIs, including splitting the query string into key/value pairs. (Enhanced)
  • Two parsing modes: loose and strict. (New)
  • Easy to use (returns an object, so you can do, e.g., parseUri(uri).anchor).
  • Offers convenient, pre-concatenated components (path = directory and file; authority = userInfo, host, and port; etc.)
  • Change the default names of URI parts without editing the function, by updating parseUri.options.key. (New)
  • Exceptionally lightweight (1 KB before minification or gzipping).
  • Released under the MIT License.

Try the demo, but make sure to come back and read the details below.


Older versions of this function used what's now called loose parsing mode (which is still the default in this version). Loose mode deviates slightly from the official generic URI spec (RFC 3986), but by doing so allows the function to split URIs in a way that most end users would expect intuitively. However, the finer details of loose mode preclude it from properly handling relative paths which do not start from root (e.g., "../file.html" or "dir/file.html"). On the other hand, strict mode attempts to split URIs according to RFC 3986. Specifically, in loose mode, directories don't need to end with a slash (e.g., the "dir" in "/dir?query" is treated as a directory rather than a file name), and the URI can start with an authority without being preceded by "//" (which means that the "yahoo.com" in "yahoo.com/search/" is treated as the host, rather than part of the directory path).

Since I've assumed that most developers will consistently want to use one mode or the other, the parsing mode is not specified as an argument when running parseUri, but rather as a property of the parseUri function itself. Simply run the following line of code to switch to strict mode:

parseUri.options.strictMode = true;

From that point forward, parseUri will work in strict mode (until you turn it back off).

The code:

// parseUri 1.2.2
// (c) Steven Levithan <stevenlevithan.com>
// MIT License

function parseUri (str) {
	var	o   = parseUri.options,
		m   = o.parser[o.strictMode ? "strict" : "loose"].exec(str),
		uri = {},
		i   = 14;

	while (i--) uri[o.key[i]] = m[i] || "";

	uri[o.q.name] = {};
	uri[o.key[12]].replace(o.q.parser, function ($0, $1, $2) {
		if ($1) uri[o.q.name][$1] = $2;

	return uri;

parseUri.options = {
	strictMode: false,
	key: ["source","protocol","authority","userInfo","user","password","host","port","relative","path","directory","file","query","anchor"],
	q:   {
		name:   "queryKey",
		parser: /(?:^|&)([^&=]*)=?([^&]*)/g
	parser: {
		strict: /^(?:([^:\/?#]+):)?(?:\/\/((?:(([^:@]*)(?::([^:@]*))?)?@)?([^:\/?#]*)(?::(\d*))?))?((((?:[^?#\/]*\/)*)([^?#]*))(?:\?([^#]*))?(?:#(.*))?)/,
		loose:  /^(?:(?![^:@]+:[^:@\/]*@)([^:\/?#.]+):)?(?:\/\/)?((?:(([^:@]*)(?::([^:@]*))?)?@)?([^:\/?#]*)(?::(\d*))?)(((\/(?:[^?#](?![^?#\/]*\.[^?#\/.]+(?:[?#]|$)))*\/?)?([^?#\/]*))(?:\?([^#]*))?(?:#(.*))?)/

You can download it or run the test suite.

parseUri has no dependencies, and has been tested in IE 5.5–7, Firefox, Opera 9.21, Safari 3.0.1 beta for Windows, and Swift 0.2.

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  1. Nice function. I miss the ability to get the query string as a list of key/value pairs, with a second argument to specify the parameter separator (with the ampersand by default). It’ll make the code a bit longer but the function would become much more complete.

  2. Hi Iván, thanks. parseUri already returns key/value pairs for the query string in an object called queryKey. For example, to access the value of a query key called “search” you could write parseUri(uri).queryKey.search

    You can see this in action on the test page, when you click the Parse button. Does that meet your needs, or were you thinking of something different?

  3. Sorry Steve, I didn’t notice it. That was exactly what I was talking about!
    However, a minor improvement would be to accept as optional second parameter a string which holds in each char a possible argument separator, most people use the ampersand but according to the RFC any char except ‘?’ and ‘#’. See my post http://blog.netxus.es/blog/url-argument-separator

    I use myself the semi-colon ‘;’ as argument separator in some projects, since there is no need to escape it when used in XML/XHTML documents.

  4. Iván, I have no plans to support arbitrary delimiters in the query string because that would significantly complicate the code for the benefit of probably less than 0.1% of developers, and as you noted in your blog post, server side languages like PHP, ASP.net, etc. generally don’t support delimiters other than “&” without special configuration, if at all.

    However, it would be easy to manually change the code to support both “&” and “;” delimiters in your personal copy. Just change /&?([^&=]*)=?([^&]*)/g from within the uri.query.replace() statement to /[&;]?([^&;=]*)=?([^&;]*)/g (or, to support only semicolons, use /;?([^;=]*)=?([^;]*)/g).

    In any case, this does not affect the main URI parsing (only the splitting of the query string into key/value pairs), so you could also implement a separate function to specifically work with the query string with maximum flexibility.

  5. Steve,

    I get your point and quite agree with it. What about placing the query RE in the options object so it can be easily modified by those with especial needs?

  6. wow, that’s one crazy regexp right there…

  7. @Iván Montes,

    Good call. I’ve gone ahead and moved the query regex as well as the query object’s name into the options object and upped the version number from 1.1 to 1.2. Thanks for the suggestion.

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  10. parseUri 1.2: JavaScript URL feldolgozó…

    A php parse_url függvényét már ismerjük. Most ismerjük meg ugyanezt javascripthez is.
    Steven Levithan: parseUri 1.2: Split URLs in JavaScript

    /* parseUri 1.2; MIT License
    By Steven Levithan <http://stevenlevithan.com&gt; */

    var pars…

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  13. Hey Steven,

    I couldn’t find any contact info so I’m just leaving a message here. I’m the maintainer of the CFJSON project and I’m trying to fix some things and would benefit from some regexp help and I know you’re quite good with them. If you think you could give me a hand shoot me an email (I put my email in the comment form) and I’ll tell you what I’m trying to fix. Something tells me you’ll be able to solve my problem without too much effort. Thanks in advance.

  14. Thomas, I just sent you an email. I’ll try to help if I can.

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  16. Just as a possibility, if you create an anchor, assign the url as href, then you can access the anchor’s host,port,protocol,search,hash. This worked in FF dunno if it will work in the rest. I’m just saying this because it might make your code shorter :)

    I hope it helped

  17. @Ariel Flesler:

    It definitely would not make the code shorter, if you wanted to keep the same functionality as is currently provided. But still, that’s an interesting idea, if it works. 😉

  18. It looks like it doesn’t support the correct / standard URL parameter delimiter which is actually the ampersand entity ‘&amp;’ not a raw ampersand ‘&’. That’s precisely the functionality I am looking for as I’m getting an annoying error cropping up with one of my scripts that just uses a plain javascript split on ‘&’.

    That said, here are some of the top 10 xhtml errors:
    1. The use of a raw amperstand in a link query string. The w3c validator reports this as “cannot generate system identifier for general entity” because you’ve tried to create a new entity &xxxxxxx and not an encoded & amp ; in the string. Replace all & with &amp; in urls.

  19. Um, no. This code deals with URIs, not HTML. And of course, &amp; is not the only HTML entity to deal with.

  20. As Safari 2.0 users may have noticed, the ‘queryString’ part isn’t filled because this version does not support a function as second parameter of String.prototype.replace() :-(

  21. I get the following error using your code

    o has no properties

    [Break on this error] m = o.parser[o.strictMode ? “strict” : “loose”].exec(str),

    Please let me know.

    Thanks in advance!

  22. @zcrux, does the demo page work for you?

  23. Hey there,

    Is the online demo using the same version of the JS that is available for download?

    I have a URL that will parse in the demo just fine, but returns undefined when doing this: document.write(parseUri(urls).queryKey.q);

    This is the URL btw: http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=flavor+flav&fr=yfp-t-501&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8

  24. @Raj, yes, the demo uses the same code, which you could have easily verified yourself (the source files are uncompressed). Your URL does not contain a q key in the query, so the line of code you posted above is working correctly.

  25. Steven,

    My apologies. Initially, I felt some apprehension about browsing straight to the JS files in the demo. Just being respectful.

    Then I got over it. :)


  26. Thank you thank you thank you! In a short few weeks I’ve built at least two functions on top of this little gem and all my pages have components that will depend on them. Such a blessing!

  27. I *love* this function, it is so incredibly powerful and helpful! Thank you so much for it.

    For an open-source project I’m working on, I needed this same functionality inside of a Flash SWF. So, I’ve ported your 1.2.1 code to this regular AS3 function (not an object/class, though that would be easy to get from what I’ve done, too!).

    Since escaping all that reg-ex stuff to post here in the comments would be ridiculous, I’m going to post a URL here that can be used to retrieve a text file with the code in it.


    Steven, if want to, grab that text file and place the formatted code somewhere on this page or in this comment, that way people who come here later won’t have to go to my site to find it. :)

  28. @Kyle Simpson and @Hat, thanks! Kyle, I’ll post your AS3 port here for posterity, but there’s no reason people shouldn’t get it from your site!

    //  ****************************
    //  Ported by Kyle Simpson from Javascript to AS3 from:
    //	parseUri 1.2.1
    //	(c) 2007 Steven Levithan <stevenlevithan.com>
    //	MIT License
    //  ****************************
    public function parseUri(str:String, strictMode:Boolean=false):Object {
    	var o:Object = new Object();
    	o.strictMode = strictMode;
    	o.key = new Array("source","protocol","authority","userInfo","user","password","host","port","relative","path","directory","file","query","anchor");
    	o.q = new Object();
    	o.q.name = "queryKey";
    	o.q.parser = /(?:^|&)([^&=]*)=?([^&]*)/g
    	o.parser = new Object();
    	o.parser.strict = /^(?:([^:\/?#]+):)?(?:\/\/((?:(([^:@]*):?([^:@]*))?@)?([^:\/?#]*)(?::(\d*))?))?((((?:[^?#\/]*\/)*)([^?#]*))(?:\?([^#]*))?(?:#(.*))?)/
    	o.parser.loose = /^(?:(?![^:@]+:[^:@\/]*@)([^:\/?#.]+):)?(?:\/\/)?((?:(([^:@]*):?([^:@]*))?@)?([^:\/?#]*)(?::(\d*))?)(((\/(?:[^?#](?![^?#\/]*\.[^?#\/.]+(?:[?#]|$)))*\/?)?([^?#\/]*))(?:\?([^#]*))?(?:#(.*))?)/
    	var m:Object = o.parser[o.strictMode ? "strict" : "loose"].exec(str);
    	var uri:Object = new Object();
    	var i:int = 14;
    	while (i--) uri[o.key[i]] = m[i] || "";
    	uri[o.q.name] = new Object();
    	uri[o.key[12]].replace(o.q.parser, function ($0, $1, $2) {
    		if ($1) uri[o.q.name][$1] = $2;
    	return uri;
  29. Big thanks for that amazing function! It helps me a lot with my website programming!

  30. Nice job Steve, very useful… I thought I’d point out a real-world example of a slight problem I saw while using your code, though. For a URL like:


    it detects everything before the “@” as the userthus screwing up the rest of the parse.

    I realize the “@” should really be URL encoded to “%40”, but like I said, I found a real-world example of this on a live website. So, you might consider adding support for this case, at least in the loose version.

  31. Brilliant! Thanks, this code is powerful yet very friendly allowing non programmers (like myself) to implement it with ease :)

  32. Thanks, nice code!

    I just change the query string parse function. This decode query parameters and distinct ‘key&’ from ‘key=&’: first get ‘true’ as value, last — empty string.

    uri[o.key[12]].replace(o.q.parser, function ($0, $1, $2, $3) {
    if ($1) uri[o.q.name][decodeURIComponent($1)] = $2 ? decodeURIComponent($3) : true;

    parseUri.options = {

    q: {
    name: “queryKey”,
    parser: /(?:^|[&])([^&=]*)(=?)([^&]*)/g

    And small shugar for strings:
    // usage: “http://blog.stevenlevithan.com/archives/parseuri”.parseUri().

    String.prototype.parseUri = function () { return parseUri(this.valueOf()); };

  33. Hi Steven,

    Just to let you know I have put together a jQuery plugin based on your URI parser, which includes a bit of added functionality.

    You can check it out here – http://projects.allmarkedup.com/jquery_url_parser/

    Let me know if you have any suggestions/improvements etc! And thanks for the excellent work.

  34. Steve,

    I was integrating your parser and noticed that the query parser function is “lossy”. For example, given the query string:


    Parsing will result in this query hash: { a: 1, b: 2, c: 3 }

    Here is a rewritten parser function:

    if ($1) {
    if (! b9j.isValue(queryHash[$1])) {
    queryHash[$1] = $2;
    else if (b9j.isArray(queryHash[$1])) {
    else {
    queryHash[$1] = [ queryHash[$1], $2 ];

    You can find a full implementation here: http://appengine.bravo9.com/b9j/documentation/uri.html

  35. …oh yeah, and great parser, thanks!

  36. Awesome!!!! kudos Steven for such an elegant program! It served my purpose exactly the way i needed it!

    Thanks again….

  37. Hi :)

    I’m new to jQuery and stumbled across your script whilst doing a uni assignment. I’m a bit lost as to how to recover array query strings. ie url?=campus[]=blahland.

    If I do parseUri(location).queryKey.campus%5B%5D it reports a JS error in Firebug.

    Is there a way to strip the [] from the query string so it’ll just be campus?



  38. I’ve posted an interactive example of my
    JavaScript URI object


  39. @Brendan, what’s an array query string? Assuming the URI you’re feeding this function is actually “url?campus[]=blahland”, you could access the value via parseUri(uri).queryKey["campus[]"]. Them’s JavaScript rules.

    @Robert, good point about e.g. “?c=1&c=2&c=3”. I’ll have to consider how to handle such cases in the next version of this function. Your approach (inserting an array into queryKey) seems pretty reasonable.

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  42. Nice script! Could you please add support for domain/subdomain?

  43. Hello Steven,

    We would like to use your excellent code in our project over at

    and in the near future at:

    We already noticed your code was MIT, but if you would like to be credited differently or have another comment, please drop a line okay?

  44. chrome?

  45. awesome! – nuff said!

  46. Cool script, but I am missing one important function. Function which creates URI back from uri object. My scenario is: parse URI, change URI (query string), write URI back to <a href=”…

  47. Great script! This is working really well for us with one exception. In Safari and Chrome the following URL will not parse:
    (Edit: Long URL removed.)

    I know it’s crazy… It appears to begin working when we limit the length to 450.

    Thanks again for the great script!

  48. @Matt Ruby, I haven’t done any related testing, but the problem may result from the portions of the regexes that deal with user info (user name, password). Those parts can result in a lot of backtracking with long URLs that don’t contain an @ sign, since JavaScript doesn’t have features such as possessive quantifiers, atomic groups, or duplicate subpattern numbers that would help me deal with the backtracking issues.

    If you don’t need support for the user and password properties returned by this script, one easy way to work around the issue is to change the following part of the regex (in both the strict and loose version):


    To this:


    Then remove the “user” and “password” values from the parseUri.options.key array. If you try this out, please let me know if it solves the issue for you.

  49. @msznapka, on the demo page, if you look at the source, in the demo.js there’s a function called format that does something similar, and may be useful as a starting point for you.

  50. Works like a charm!
    I also changed i = 14; to i = 12;
    and uri[o.key[12]]… to uri[o.key[10]]…

    Thanks for your help!


  51. @Matt Ruby, cool, thanks for reporting back. After giving this a few more minutes of thought, here’s a way you can get rid of the backtracking problem while keeping the user and password properties around. Replace the pattern I identified earlier (in both the strict and loose regexes) with this:


    Everything else should be left the same compared to the original script. When I have some time to more fully review all of parseUri, I’ll include this change in the next version (after the current v1.2.1).

  52. Thanks again! I’ve made your suggested change and things are still working well.

    I look forward to next version.


  53. I did a PHP port of this amazing function.
    I added 2 features.
    Hope it could be useful !!
    Have fun !


    	PhpParseUri 1.0
    	PHP Port of parseUri 1.2.1
    		- added file:///
    		- added : windows drive detection
    	PHP Port: LudoO 2009 <pitaso.com>
    	Original JS : (c) 2007 Steven Levithan <stevenlevithan.com>	MIT License
    function parseUri($str) {
    	global $parseUri_options;
    	$o   = $parseUri_options;
    	$r   = $o['parser'][$o['strictMode'] ? "strict" : "loose"];
    	preg_match($r, $str, $m);
    	$uri = array();
    	$i   = 15;
    	while ($i--) $uri[$o['key'][$i]] = $m[$i];
    	$uri[$o['q']['name']] = array();
    	preg_match_all($o['q']['parser'], $uri[$o['key'][13]], $n);
    	if ($n && sizeof($n)>0){
    		for ($i = 1; $i <= sizeof($n); $i++) {
    			$v =$n[$i];
    			if ($v) $uri[$o['q']['name']][$v[0]] = $v[1];
    	return $uri;
    $parseUri_options = array(
    	strictMode => false,
    	key => array("source","protocol","authority","userInfo","user","password","host","port","relative","path","drive","directory","file","query","anchor"),
    	q =>   array(
    		name =>   "queryKey",
    		parser => '/(?:^|&)([^&=]*)=?([^&]*)/'
    	parser => array(
    		strict => '/^(?:([^:\/?#]+):)?(?:\/\/\/?((?:(([^:@]*):?([^:@]*))?@)?([^:\/?#]*)(?::(\d*))?))?(((?:\/(\w:))?((?:[^?#\/]*\/)*)([^?#]*))(?:\?([^#]*))?(?:#(.*))?)/',
    		loose =>  '/^(?:(?![^:@]+:[^:@\/]*@)([^:\/?#.]+):)?(?:\/\/\/?)?((?:(([^:@]*):?([^:@]*))?@)?([^:\/?#]*)(?::(\d*))?)(((?:\/(\w:))?(\/(?:[^?#](?![^?#\/]*\.[^?#\/.]+(?:[?#]|$)))*\/?)?([^?#\/]*))(?:\?([^#]*))?(?:#(.*))?)/'
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  55. this function does not work for urls with ipv6 addresses in them

    an example url:

  56. Thanks for this! One small issue: if a URL has multiple instances of the same parameter name (as can occur if multiple checkboxes are checked on a form) then queryKey will only contain the last value associated with this name. So if the query string is


    then queryKey.x ends up as ‘b’, and the x=a pair is lost. It might be nicer if, say, an array of strings rather than a single string was assigned to the corresponding element of queryKey in such cases.

  57. Hi Steven,

    Once, i have implemented the URI parser in JavaScript. It looks like the method of String prototype, so you are able to parse input strings in JavaScript-style:

    var url = ‘http://blog.stevenlevithan.com/archives/parseuri’;
    var url_parsed = url.parseUrl();

    The source is located here:

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  59. I was using your parseUri class in JavaScript and noticed that the path “file.ext” is not considered a file by your script. It looks like it is expecting a preceding slash. I don’t know if this is a bug or just a feature that was left out. My work around was just some extra conditioning tests. Nice work on this class and thanks for posting it.

  60. @Mike, in non-strict mode, a URL starting with a filename (i.e., no preceding slash) is treated as a host, for reasons explained elsewhere. Switch to strict mode and you should be OK.

  61. your code is AWESOME! thanks for your stuff… i stole your dump function too :) ive been looking for something like it for awhile

  62. Great and simple parser. But only one issue I have here – the open social type of url links do not work with your parser, e.g.

  63. […] Uri-parser […]

  64. Hi Steven,

    Thanks for the great code! If you’re still maintaining it, here’s an example of a url that has issues:


  65. @Scott, that URL is invalid. The @ sign is supposed to be URL encoded as “%40”–if you make this change, parseUri will handle it fine.

    FYI, you’re not the first person to request different handling for invalid uses of “@” (see Anup Chatterjee and Andrew Zitnay’s comments here), so perhaps it’s worth looking at changes to “loose” parsing mode, at least, in future versions of this script.

  66. Awesome code. Ultimate Regex.
    I found this letter >a< knocking around, which i present to you for insertion into the appropriate position in your surname.

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  68. Do you think it’s a bug that jQuery.url.setUrl(“script.js”).attr(“host”) returns script.js?

    PHP’s parse_url, for example, is able to parse that string as the path.

  69. Sorry, strict mode seems to address that, but the jQuery plugin doesn’t seem to use strict mode properly. I will investigate on that end. Thanks for the great parser!

  70. Nice Function. It works 99% of the times..
    I tried it with google search results url as given below and it broke.. query is null!!


  71. @James, lol.

    @Neeta, parseUri returns the correct result. Everything after the # sign is the URI fragment (aka anchor). There is no query part.

  72. Dear Mr. Levithan, hello Steven,

    Thanks a lot for your javascript magic.

    I have a feature suggestion if that’s appropriate. Since parseUri is returning an object, would it be a decent idea to add a method which would reassemble the URL back to a string from its parts?

    That could be quite handy for actually manipulating URL’s. One could then alter parts of the URL (add or modify parts of the query, the user information, whatsoever) without doing any regexp magic in their own code.



  73. @Rien,

    there is a source property in the returned object that contains the original string.

    Thanks Steven for this script, I use it together with a Punycode encoder on some proxies to support IDN domains and parseUri has helped a lot keeping the code small.

  74. It break on URL like http://www.blahblah.com/@foo/bar ….

  75. Thank you very much. Your code is awesome.

  76. Very nice! It does break on the URL http://www.blahblah.com/@foo/bar as Leechael noted, but still, for how simple it is, I am duly impressed. My MUCH longer version of a strict RFC-3986 parser written in C is over at github (http://github.com/ajrisi/fsm). I didn’t use regex like you, I used a hand-rolled finite state machine. The output isn’t quite as readable as yours either. Still, might be worth something to someone!

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  78. Actually, the ‘@’ sign is a perfectly valid character for the path, query and fragment portions of a URI according to RFC3986 and does not need to be encoded as ‘%40’.

    Look at the ABNF definition for ‘pchar’ in Appendix A of RFC3986.

  79. @ridgerunner, thanks for the details. I will correct for that in future versions on this script.

  80. Just wanna say: AWESOME WORK!

  81. Hi,

    I’ve taken Robert’s idea of creating an array of values for parameters that were given multiple times. Unlike him, I did so without using a third party library. Here’s the code if anyone’s interested:

    Replace the line

    if ($1) uri[o.q.name][$1] = $2;


    if ($1) {
    if (uri[o.q.name][$1] === undefined) {
    uri[o.q.name][$1] = $2;
    } else if (typeof uri[o.q.name][$1] === ‘[object Array]’) {
    } else if (typeof uri[o.q.name][$1] === ‘string’) {
    uri[o.q.name][$1] = [ uri[o.q.name][$1], $2];

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  84. great stuff.
    i just love regexp.
    very cool

  85. Evil corner case >:)

  86. […] Refer to http://blog.stevenlevithan.com/archives/parseuri […]

  87. If you need to go the other way (i.e., object spec to URI string), makeUri() can help:


  88. javascript absolutize URL : https://gist.github.com/1088850

  89. […] the??parser functionality is based on the?????regex parser by steven levithan???. […]

  90. Can you remove the maxlength on the input box? Thanks.

  91. Hello…nice site…http://blog.stevenlevithan.com/archives/parseuri is The Best! Please keep it up webmaster….great job…thumbs up!

  92. Newbie question.
    We have a job application form that uses the document.referrer to identify which job they are applying for. And, I want to add this info into the subject line of the email sent to our hr person. I came across your code that will parse the url.
    how do I take what your parser produces so I can add it to the subject line?

  93. great stuff.

  94. Hi,

    I’ve enhanced the loose mode a bit to support and tokenize literal IPv4 and IPv6 addresses as well as splitting an FQDN into hostname and domain.


    String.prototype.parseUri = function() {
    var o = String.prototype.parseUri.options;
    var m = o.parser.ipv6.exec(this);
    var uri = {};
    var i = 18;
    while (i–)
    uri[o.key[i]] = m[i] || “”;

    uri[o.q.name] = {};
    uri[o.key[16]].replace(o.q.parser, function($0, $1, $2) {
    if ($1)
    uri[o.q.name][$1] = $2;

    if (uri.ipv4 != “”) {
    uri.ip = uri.ipv4;
    if (uri.ipv6 != “”) {
    uri.ip = uri.ipv6;

    return uri;

    String.prototype.parseUri.options = {
    // strictMode : false,
    key : [ “source”, “protocol”, “authority”, “userInfo”, “user”, “password”,
    “host”, “ipv4”, “ipv6”, “basename”, “domain”, “port”, “relative”,
    “path”, “directory”, “file”, “query”, “anchor” ],
    q : {
    name : “queryKey”,
    parser : /(?:^|&)([^&=]*)=?([^&]*)/g
    parser : {
    ipv6 : /^(?:(?![^:@]+:[^:@\/]*@)([^[:\/?#.]+):)?(?:\/\/)?((?:(([^:@]*)(?::([^:@]*))?)?@)?((?:(\d+\.\d+\.\d+\.\d+)|\[([a-fA-F0-9:]+)\]|([^.:\/?#]*))(?:\.([^:\/?#]*))?)(?::(\d*))?)(((\/(?:[^?#](?![^?#\/]*\.[^?#\/.]+(?:[?#]|$)))*\/?)?([^?#\/]*))(?:\?([^#]*))?(?:#(.*))?)/

  95. Hi, great piece of code.

    BTW, is there any function for doing the opposite operation? (I mean getting the string URL from the parsed one).

    It could be useful when you need to change some URL params on the query string or any part of the URL. (that’s inded what I need to do on a CMS I’m building: http://code.google.com/p/yupp-cms/)

    Thanks a lot!

  96. Steve,

    I am trying to use your code with server side script in domino xpages. Everything works great except the parameter value returned is a number instead of the correct string. All other values are returned correctly
    Using http://usr:pwd@www.test.com:81/dir/dir.2/index.htm?q1=0&&test1&test2=value#top

    Thanks for contributing.

  97. Steve,

    FYI- I used a Domino function to grab from $0 everything to the right of the = sign instead of using $2 and it now returns the correct values. Thanks again for contributing. Great code.

  98. The semicolon at the end of the parseUri function isn’t required as mentioned in section 13 of the spec http://ecma262-5.com/ELS5_HTML.htm#Section_13

  99. Nice post really , Thanks for sharing.

  100. Hi author i would like to ask how could I use this code as javascipt that could display incoming search term to my site. Its like when someone searches in google and arrives to my site, the url of the referrer is parsed and displayed in my website as ” incoming search term (keyword)” ? any suggestion about making it in javascipt?

  101. Hi Steven,

    As some others have pointed out already your code doesn’t work for urls with a @ in the path or query part.

    For example http://www.adperium.com/campaigns/example@example.com/93f92b1c will return example.com as the host.

    According to rfc 3986 section-3.3, @ is a valid path character.

    Since adblock for chrome uses your code to parse urls it currently blocks parts of sites that shouldn’t be blocked.

  102. […] a look at the parseURI function of Flagrant Badassery’s blog. It can parse any well formed URIs. Tagged: […]

  103. This was just what I wanted except: I’m passing some javascript code with spaces and funny chars in the string. So I wrote a little extension to decode these:

    So I replaced the line:
    if ($1) uri[o.q.name][$1] = $2
    if ($1) uri[o.q.name][$1] = $2.replace(o.q.decode, function ($3, $4) {
    return ($4) ? String.fromCharCode (parseInt($4, 16)) : ” “;

    and added this to the q structure.
    decode: /(?:\+)|(?:%(..))/g

  104. hello,
    love your work!!!

    found a bug: fail parsing this url

    the problem is the ‘@’ char in queryString value.
    it just destroy it.

  105. @yonathan garti, the easiest way to deal with this is to URL-encode the @ sign as %40. You can see a few people including myself discussing this issue in earlier comments. I plan to correct this in future versions of the script, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. You could try simply changing each instance of [^:@] to [^:@?]. That might do the trick, though I haven’t fully evaluated its impact.

  106. Links like “mailto:user@mail.com” are not properly parsed.

  107. […] parameters, fragment parameters and more. The core parser functionality is based on the Regex URI parser by Steven Levithan, and the query string parsing is handled by a modified version […]

  108. […] parametrar, parametrar fragment och mycket mer. Kärnan tolken funktionaliteten bygger på Regex URI parser av Steven Levithan , och frågesträngen parsningen hanteras av en modifierad version av nod-QueryString […]

  109. it doesn’t work fine if a uri contains “@” character in parameter, just like this:


  110. What about data-uri‘s?

  111. I needed to get the file name and extension so I added this before returning the info in the function.

    var file_pieces = uri[o.key[11]].split(‘.’);
    if ( file_pieces.length > 1 )
    uri.file_ext = file_pieces[file_pieces.length – 1];
    file_pieces.splice(file_pieces.length – 1, 1);
    uri.file_name = file_pieces.join(‘.’);

  112. Hi Steven,
    I have tried replacing [^:@] to [^:@?] in both strict and loose mode and i was able to parse the URL containing @ correctly.

    Thanks for the script.


  113. this is sweet, i’m focusing on javascript nowadays and your code amazed me, pretty light and effective. thanks!

  114. Hello,

    Sorry but your code break with this valid flickr url: “http://www.flickr.com/photos/9242564@N07/5934435067/”.

    It has problems with “@” char.

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  116. The handling of query strings seems wrong – e.g parse(‘http://example.com/?q=space%20space’).queryKey[‘q’] will return “space%20space”, not “space space” as it ought to be.

    If you’re turning query keys into a parameter map (rather than leaving them as a raw string), both keys and values should be URI-decoded.

  117. Hi Steven,
    thank you for this very helpful script and putting it under MIT license.
    Please consider removing all the spam comments since August 1.
    Looking forward to the next version of parseUri.

  118. I “bowerized” this so that it can be installed via Bower.


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  132. […] a routine that makes an HTTP request taking a URL as a parameter. It came together nicely. I used a URL parser written by Steven Levithan and the example in the nodejs.org […]

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