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Capturing Multiple, Optional HTML Attribute Values

Let's say you wanted to find all <div> tags, and capture their id and class attribute values. Anyone who's spent much time parsing HTML with regular expressions is probably aware that it can get quite tricky to match or capture multiple, specific attribute values with one regex, considering that the regex needs to allow for […]

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Non-Participating Groups: A Cross-Browser Mess

Cross-browser issues surrounding the handling of regular expression non-participating capturing groups (which I'll call NPCGs) present several challenges. The standard sucks to begin with, and the three biggest browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari) each disrespect the rules in their own unique ways. First, I should explain what NPCGs are, as it seems that even some experienced […]

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Safari Support with XRegExp 0.2.2

When I released XRegExp 0.2 several days ago, I hadn't yet tested in Safari or Swift. When I remembered to do this shortly afterwards, I found that both of those WebKit-based browsers didn't like it and often crashed when trying to use it! This was obviously a Very Bad Thing, but due to major time […]

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JavaScript split Bugs: Fixed!

The String.prototype.split method is very handy, so it's a shame that if you use a regular expression as its delimiter, the results can be so wildly different cross-browser that odds are you've just introduced bugs into your code (unless you know precisely what kind of data you're working with and are able to avoid the […]

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