80 Secrets to Success

Mountain Dew collection

Behold my Mountain Dew collection at work, originally started when someone asked how much Dew I drank per day. This ended up taking me a couple months, since I slowed down from my previous ~4/day consumption rate right around the time I started preserving the evidence.

The photo is by ColdFusion programmer and photographer Joe D'Angelo, whose single greatest purpose in life seems to be trying to sneak up behind me and getting me to spill whatever I happen to be eating or drinking at the time.

5 thoughts on “80 Secrets to Success”

  1. Please note that this accomplishment was not without sacrifice. There are at least two cubicles with carpet that became permanently and visibly stained with mountain dew through Steve’s struggle for sterility. For the uninitiated, beware the dew.

  2. Your reliance on Mountain Dew is uncannily alike to my reliance on Red Bull. I started drinking it with a straw last month, because my dentist hates it, and I made it perfectly clear that I will not stop drinking it. 🙂 I take it you have your own personal fridge that you stock yourself, most likely with cases from Sam’s Club?

  3. Nah, I still buy them one at a time, and sadly lack a personal fridge. I see you haven’t yet switched to the new 500ml Red Bull cans. Those are perhaps a little too big, even for crazyfolk like yourself.

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