24 thoughts on “Leet Translator”

  1. Y34|-|, th4+ |\|1c3 N 411, 8Ut U s7iLL != r3pLAC R34L TH1NG. ahahahaha pwNd!!!!!!!!1!11one!1

  2. try to find one to translate it..oh..and person who comment first time..you suck at spelling in leet..so stick yo basic ******* english you ass

  3. J00 5#0l_l[]_[) !3£ B& Pl-ll?0/\/\ {0/\/\l*l_lT£/2Z [l_lZ [)4Tz !34[) J00 /\/00bz0/2

    Hacker in 1337 Has an X or 2 or sometimes 3 in
    So its spelt #4XxX0/2
    With variations of letters
    It isn’t spelt #4[l<32 is it. You prick, yur translation site is balls and yur a F***Tard

    J00 4/2£ l*\/\//\/T’ !3’/ /\/\’/ l_l!3£/2 1337 5l<!11z J00 /\/00!3z0/2 l*/2!{l<

  4. Hello Everybody. I am Spencer, I can be cool also. Take a look at this! H3llo. I’m elite uh… dog!

  5. How about predictive text input from your leet speak and translate to regular text in cell phone ? Oizea Type can do this on Nokia/S60 phones.

    Do you think this is 1337 than others ?

  6. I copied your source code, and I’d like to host it on a separate site with my own variables. Is that okay, and could you help me with that?

  7. 101, ‘/0|_| 9|_|’/5 7|-|1|\||< |_||' 5() (00| +41(k||\|9 1337, |3\_/7 '/()|_| |-|4\/3 |\|0 1|)34 |-|0\/\/ |\|3|'|)'/ '/()|_| |'. 937 4 1||=3! |()|…

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