Launching: ‘regex’ template tag and Regex Colorizer v1

I've recently released two new open source regex libraries.


regex is a template tag for dynamically creating readable, high performance, native JavaScript regular expressions with best practices built-in and advanced features. It's lightweight, has no dependencies, and supports all ES2024+ regex features.

Highlights include using whitespace and comments in regexes, atomic groups via (?>…) which can help you avoid ReDoS, and context-aware interpolation of RegExp instances, escaped strings, and partial patterns.

Simply import {regex} from 'regex' in your JavaScript to get started (install: npm install regex). And check out examples and more on GitHub.

Regex Colorizer 1.0

Regex Colorizer is a project that highlights regex syntax, for use in blogs, docs, and regex tools. I created it for old-school RegexPal back in 2007, but it hadn't received any updates since 2010. Until now. Version 1.0 is a significant update that improves its API and adds support for modern JavaScript regex syntax and flags. Check out the demo!

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