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Ideas for Regular Expressions Cookbook Second Edition

I'm happy to report that work is underway by Jan Goyvaerts and me on the second edition of Regular Expressions Cookbook. In the new edition, we'll be fixing all known errata, improving existing content, updating everything to support the latest versions of the book's eight covered programming languages, and sprinkling several new recipes into existing chapters.

We'll also be adding a new chapter, tentatively titled "Source Code and Log Files". This new chapter will aim to assist programmers and system admins with common tasks, using regex-based solutions. The recipe list for this chapter remains to be determined, but it will include things like how to find strings and comments in various programming languages, and how to find 404 records within Apache HTTP Server logs.

Do you have an idea for a recipe that you'd like to see added? Suggestions are particularly welcome for this new chapter, but ideas for the rest of the book are also welcome.

New language editions

The first edition of Regular Expressions Cookbook has now been published in eight languages. You can get your favorite language version of it from the following sites:

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  1. How would you prefer to have such suggestions submitted?

  2. @jimgkraai, it’s too late now to add new recipes for the second edition, but you’re nevertheless welcome to post suggestions in the comments here. Perhaps they can be added in the third edition, or perhaps I can blog a solution.

  3. I read the book which was purchased by my roommate. Tools are great, I prefer the PHP part because it’s my main language. I love shared tools, I want to share my own favorite tool at http://liveregex.com. You may give it a try! 😀

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