Regex Cookbook 2nd Edition Contest Winners

For the last six days, I've been running a contest on my blog to win one of 15 free copies of Regular Expressions Cookbook, 2nd Edition. Thanks to all who participated and spread the word! I've read every one of your comments, and appreciate the congratulations and the great comments about the first edition, etc. There's a lot of love for regular expressions out there!

Of the almost 400 who requested a copy, people specifically mentioned that they wanted an ebook rather than a print copy at a ratio of about 0.7 to 1, which was a lot higher than I expected. That bodes well for Regular Expressions Cookbook, though, considering that the first edition was O'Reilly Media's bestselling ebook of 2010.

Without further ado, the randomly-selected contest winners are (drumroll)…

  1. Travis Hardiman
  2. Tony Garcia
  3. Jennifer Lumer
  4. Bessie Chan
  5. Derek Brigner
  6. Marco Antonio
  7. Kent Isaly
  8. Marcus Barnes
  9. Kennie Cruz
  10. Jacob Christiansen
  11. Stafleu Buitendag
  12. Michael Mongeau
  13. Rod Vagg
  14. Henk Scholten
  15. Wim Mostmans

I've contacted all of the winners by email. If you haven't already heard from me, check your spam folder.

I've additionally chosen two people to send signed copies to: Edward Beckett and Drew Bennett. 🙂

For those who want to buy a copy, you can get it directly from O'Reilly Media, where it's on sale until September 18th, using code B2S2. O'Reilly offers DRM-free ebook copies in PDF, Mobi, and ePub formats. The book is also available with a discount and free shipping from Amazon:

Amazon also sells ebook copies for Kindle.

Congratulations to all winners, and thanks again to everyone else for participating! If you want to know more about the book, check out Rob Friesel Jr's detailed review of the second edition.

One thought on “Regex Cookbook 2nd Edition Contest Winners”

  1. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of Regular Expressions Cookbook, 2nd Edition, I am very excited to start reading.
    It will most certainly prove an indispensable asset, and I look forward to learning from it.

    Kind regards

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