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Five Free Copies of Upcoming O’Reilly Book ‘High Performance JavaScript’

Update (2010-02-25): This contest is now closed.

Book cover: High Performance JavaScript

Last year, Yahoo! engineer and all-around JavaScript badass Nicholas Zakas asked if I was interested in writing a chapter for a new book on JavaScript performance that he was working on. I agreed, and that book, High Performance JavaScript, is now available for preorder at Amazon and other fine book retailers.

In addition to the wide-ranging content by Nicholas and a chapter on string and regular expression performance by yours truly, chapters were also contributed by an awesome lineup of JavaScript performance gurus: Ross Harmes, Julien Lecomte, Stoyan Stefanov, and Matt Sweeney. This book is unique in its laser-focus on optimizing the performance of your JavaScript applications, and covers many advanced topics in the process. The chapter on strings and regular expressions provides what I think is easily the most in-depth coverage of cross-browser JavaScript regex performance currently available.

Here's the list of chapters:

  1. Loading and Execution
  2. Data Access
  3. DOM Scripting (Stoyan Stefanov)
  4. Algorithms and Flow Control
  5. Strings and Regular Expressions (Steven Levithan)
  6. Responsive Interfaces
  7. Ajax (Ross Harmes)
  8. Programming Practices
  9. Build and Deployment (Julien Lecomte)
  10. Tools (Matt Sweeney)

To celebrate the completion of this book, I'm giving away three copies. O'Reilly Media increased the offer to five books! All you need to do is comment on this post by February 24th, and I'll pick five people to send a copy to as soon as it's released (Amazon says March 15th). If you prefer, I'd be happy to send you a copy of Regular Expressions Cookbook instead (please note which book you want in your comment). Four winners will be chosen at random from the pool of unique commenters (I'll be tracking IPs), and the fifth based on the reason given for why you want a copy.

Make sure to include your email address in the comment form, since I'll need it to contact you if you're selected (your email address won't be used for any other purpose). Good luck, and congratulations to Nicholas Zakas and all the other authors on completing a fantastic new book!

Edit (2010-02-05): My blog has been offline more often than not for the first two days after posting this, and many people have reported that they were unable to post a comment. I apologize for the screw-up—my blog is now on a different server, and the problems should be resolved. Please try again!

Edit (2010-02-08): O'Reilly Media kindly offered to pick up the tab for this giveaway, and increased the winnings to five books!

Edit (2010-02-09): Nicholas Zakas posted more information about High Performance JavaScript on his blog: Announcing High Performance JavaScript.

Edit (2010-02-25): This contest is now closed. Winners will be announced here shortly.

Edit (2010-03-03): Following are the winners of this giveaway (the first four were chosen randomly):

  1. David Henderson
  2. Daniel Trebbien
  3. Lea Verou
  4. Stefan "schnalle" Schallerl
  5. Adam Crabtree

No. 5 Adam Crabtree, who wants to review the book and share it with members of the DallasJS Meetup Group, wins the nonrandom drawing for the best reason to win a copy. Runners up for this selection were Yoav, who promised to donate the book to a high school library after he's done with it; Nick Carter, who threatened me with his wrath if he doesn't win (I'll have to endure); Paul Irish, who kindly offered to have my last name corrected (to that of a sea monster) in exchange for winning; Alexei, a technical editor of a couple of Nicholas Zakas's previous books who'd like to know how many errors this one contains; and Marcel Korpel, who wants to improve his users' health by reducing the "headaches, general stress and insomnia" they suffer while waiting on his websites. πŸ™‚

The winners have been informed by email about how to collect their prize. Thanks to everyone for playing!

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  1. Congrats – looks like a useful read…

  2. I already have a copy of the Regex Cookbook, so if I happen to win, I’d love to get a copy of High Performance Javascript :D.
    More importantly, though, congrats on your success(es) and thanks for the contributions to our (collective) reference libraries.

  3. Would love a copy of High Performance Javascript – The cookbook was a great read!

  4. If an amateur can improve I want to win πŸ™‚

  5. Please, Count me in =)
    Had your JavaScript Red Book (2ed) for Christmass – it’s great!

  6. I wish I could give a copy to every engineer in our company. I’m trying to push the idea that we need Front End Engineering as a role. Just having a copy of this would be great!

  7. Congratulations. If I don’t win the book, I’ll probably get it anyway.

  8. I’d love a copy to share with my department. Performance has become a focus for us and you and Nicholas write well about the trade-offs various techniques require.

  9. I would love to grab a copy

  10. Count me in!

  11. The odds of winning are pretty slim, but I guess I can always buy it :-).

    Looking forward to reading it. One of Zakas’ other books taught me everything I know on JavaScript!

  12. Want it to make my life easier!

  13. Hartley congratulations from all of us in Indian developer community on you new book,we all are awaiting the release.I am currently reading JavaScript For Web developers by you. I believe High Performance JavaScript, will help developers across the globe to unleash the supreme power of JavaScript.Looking forward to reading it!

  14. Let’s code!

  15. this book is on my amazon wish list…would really love to own a copy. congratulations to zakas and co

  16. Would love a copy to improve my JavaScript skills! πŸ™‚

  17. Can’t wait to see this book :). I read your “Regular Expression Cookbook”, Crockford’s “JS The Good Parts” and read blog NCZOnline regurarly.

    When I doscovered you guys, it was the best turn-over in my JS learning process and I’m constantly becoming better JS programmer.

    It’d be great if I could put my hands on “High Performance JavaScript” too. There is so much to learn!

    Keep up the good work.

  18. Nice book, would very much like to read it

  19. I believe it’s going to be a killer-book for JS developers. Would love to get it!

  20. A different book about javascript. It will be nice to have a chance to examine it.

  21. I want to opt for High Performance JavaScript, as I do not want users of my web applications and visitors of websites with JavaScript written by me be baffled by slow processing and bad response times of my products. There are already way too many examples of slow websites on the internet that cause me headaches, general stress and insomnia, and I do not want to make some more.

    I am keen on optimizing my scripts to prevent these consequences for my users’ health and, possibly (when things are really bad), hardware. Many people will benefit from it.

  22. Hope I’m not too late, I’d like to know how to make my js code faster.

  23. This contest is now closed. Good luck to all participants. Winners will be announced here and contacted in early March.

  24. In for JS book!

  25. Gotta get that JS Book, surely it’s a must-have, just as your Cookbook is.

  26. I’m buying the PDF the moment it comes out. Here’s my entry for the dead tree version too.

  27. I’ll got this book for free anyway 0_x

  28. I am very excited about the book release in India. Ncz ur way of writing is rocking..

  29. “Dead tree version”, that is great!

  30. I’d be happy if I can get a copy of the book too.thankyou very much

  31. hi all.
    is there an on-line version?

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