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80 Secrets to Success

Behold my Mountain Dew collection at work, originally started when someone asked how much Dew I drank per day. This ended up taking me a couple months, since I slowed down from my previous ~4/day consumption rate right around the time I started preserving the evidence. The photo is by ColdFusion programmer and photographer Joe […]

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…That is the question. ThinkGeek is selling that on a t-shirt for the "regular expression junkie + lover of literature." Wearing that around would be a sure way to get me to notice you, especially if you have a nice rack or happen to be Angelina Jolie. Note that the parentheses are unnecessary except in […]

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Smoking FAQ, Part 1

Several of my work buddies have quit smoking recently, which means I need to recruit new smokers to join me for smoke breaks. To help with this, here is the first in possibly a series of pro-smoking pieces. (This is adapted from The Easy Way to Start Smoking.) Is smoking cool? Taking even the most […]

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Shiny New Website

So, I have a new domain name and host which lets me run PHP and ColdFusion. Woohoo! I'm new to the world of both PHP and WordPress (which is powering this blog), so this is still pretty rough. Hopefully I'll add more cool features and customize the design before too long. Most of my old […]

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World RPS Society

Check it: Worldwide Governing Body of the Sport of Rock Paper Scissors (worldrps.com). This has to be one of the most unintentionally funny sites ever. Check out, for example, their 2002 dedication to the Official Year of the Rock (in particular, check out the last two photo captions within the article). At first glance, the […]

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