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Test Your XRegExps with JRX

Cüneyt Yılmaz's JRX is a cool JavaScript regex tester inspired by the RX tool of Komodo IDE. Cüneyt recently added my XRegExp library to his tester, so JRX is now a nice and easy way to test XRegExp's singleline and extended modes, as well as named capture and other XRegExp-provided syntax. Check it out!

As for XRegExp, it has recently been upgraded to v0.5.2, which resolved a corner-case bug involving XRegExp.matchRecursive. See the changelog for details.

I'll take this opportunity to highlight some of my other favorite online regex testers. I've actively looked for these kinds of apps over the years and have seen more than 50 of them. Odds are you'll find something new here.

Edit (2008-06-18): Updated the list with a couple that have come out very recently.

  • RegexPal — My own JavaScript regex tester. It includes real-time regex syntax and match highlighting. Although RegexPal uses XRegExp to provide the singleline option, unlike JRX it uses JavaScript regex syntax without the XRegExp syntax extensions.
  • regex — Simple name, simple interface. Great set of flavor support (JavaScript, Perl, Python, PCRE, POSIX ERE).
  • Regexp Editor — Java regex tester with regex syntax highlighting.
  • RegExr — ActionScript regex tester with regex syntax highlighting.
  • reWork — JavaScript regex workbench.
  • reAnimator — Fun app for visualizing regex FSAs.
  • RegexMate — JavaScript regex console.
  • The REWizard — IE only, but offers regex building tools and an interesting visualization.
  • MyRegexTester — Includes code generation and plain-text explanations (via the YAPE::Regex::Explain Perl module).
  • Regular Expression Analyzer — Real-time regex explanation tree that mostly emulates Java, JavaScript, and Perl flavors. Its regex parsing code is very readable.
  • Nregex — .NET regex tester.
  • Rubular — Ruby regex tester.

Have fun!

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  1. Hey Steven,
    Thanks for the post. BTW, there are one or two testers I didn’t know of 🙂
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Steven.
    Thanks for putting my tool on your list (regex.larsolavtorvik.com). I aimed to make it as simple as possible, but still offer many options. I loved the description “Simple name, simple interface.”, it is very suiting 🙂

    I tested your RegexPal. I really liked the way you uses different color codes to validate the syntax of the pattern!

    Have a nice day.

  3. howdy… im using my own regex tester : http://www.mdk-photo.com/Regex

    has a loader for external ressources… syntax highlight of source… and will color each group seperately

    be careful of evil regex’s like /()/ or /(|…) or /(..||..)/

    otherwise great collection.

  4. Just thought I share this one. Feel free to add it to your list above…


    Pretty decent regex visualization. I know, this is an ooooold blog post 😉

  5. How can I thank you, Slevithan?
    Your RegExpPal is SUPER GOOD!

  6. Hello, another online regex tester: https://extendsclass.com/regex-tester.html
    It has the advantage of having a regex viewer, which can help to understand complicated regex 🙂

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