Shiny New Website

So, I have a new domain name and host which lets me run PHP and ColdFusion. Woohoo! I'm new to the world of both PHP and WordPress (which is powering this blog), so this is still pretty rough. Hopefully I'll add more cool features and customize the design before too long.

Most of my old stuff (anything below this post) has been migrated from Blogger. I've updated a few posts in the process, and now that I'm able to run ColdFusion code I've added demos for some of my older stuff, including Leet Translator, REMatch, and both the ColdFusion and JavaScript implementations of parseUri. Check 'em out.

One thought on “Shiny New Website”

  1. Teach me in the way of regular expressions, O wise one. For yay, I may only match patterns of the simplest nature such as one digit (\d). Please go forth and host an 8 part series of regexes for the meek and weary such as myself. I shall not wont.

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